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Beetle Pest Control For the 8 Common Types of Household Beetle

Beetle Pest Control For the 8 Common Types of Household Beetle. Beetles can come in many different sizes and shapes. Sometimes they can even look a lot like roaches. There are 8 common types of household beetle that can invade the home and removing them can be difficult because of how durable this insect happens to be. They are naturally designed to avoid becoming dehydrated and their outer shell makes them resistant to many traditional forms of insect removal.

Some beetles will attack food products. Others may consume carpet and upholstery fibers. There are beetles that will even feed on grass roots or the leaves of your trees. Although these insects can often be beneficial when outdoors, the damage they cause indoors can leave you reeling.


Some beetles will attack food products. Others may consume carpet and upholstery fibers.

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We offer a 3 point program to help deal with your beetle concerns.

  • We will inspect and then treat your specific program. The individual approach is necessary to remove beetles because different types require different responses.
  • We will help you learn more about beetles. Early detection can really limit damage and pest control removal services. We’ll show you what beetle damage looks like so you can identify it in the future.
  • We will continue to monitor your home. Our ongoing services will keep all 8 common types of beetle from continuing to be a nuisance.

Professional Beetle Pest Control Services are surprisingly affordable and remarkably effective. If all you’re doing is removing adult beetles when they are discovered, then you could have a hidden infestation you know nothing about. If you’ve discovered beetles in your home and want to make sure they are removed, then contact us today for a free estimate and a no obligation conversation about what your options may be.

Beetle Pest Control For For Your Home and Business in Cape Town