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Dependable House Fly Pest Control For Your Home and Business

House Fly Pest Control For For Your Home and Business

House Fly Pest Control For Your Home and Business. The buzzing of flies in the home seems like a sign of the seasons. Many DIY control methods are effective at controlling this pest population as well. A few minutes with a flyswatter can help to control population levels. Even a rolled up magazine or newspaper works. Fly tapes catch the insects so they can’t keep flying around. You don’t need a pest control specialist for house flies, right?

Hold on a minute. The problem here is that these control methods actually expose the home to the diseases that flies can transmit. A smashed fly might smear body parts and blood over household surfaces. This may even enter your food supply unintentionally.


The buzzing of flies in the home seems like a sign of the seasons.

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Here’s what you can expect from our professional house fly control methods.

  • We will eliminate fly breeding sites. Removing adult flies won’t solve the infestation problem. We’ll identify the breeding locations as well and remove them.
  • We will identify additional fly infestations. House flies are usually a co-occurring infestation, which means there are typically other fly species involved. Some flies may require different removal methods.
  • We will create proactive preventions. From baiting to insecticides, there are numerous tools at our disposal to help make sure your home can stay house fly free all year long.

The house fly can become a real annoyance as it is buzzing about your head. It can also become a danger to the health of your household if it happens to land on your food. Contact us today if you’re concerned about the size of your house fly population and we’ll help to make sure you won’t be bothered by this pest any more.

House Fly Pest Control For For Your Home and Business in Cape Town, South Africa.