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Mosquito Control | Pest Control Services in Cape Town

We eliminate mosquito breeding sites

A s the twilight begins to fade, the whining buzz of the mosquito tickles the ears. Slapping the skin as these insects bite is soon to follow. Wearing repellants can help to prevent bites as needed, but what happens when mosquitoes move into the home? More effective methods of mosquito control become necessary.

This is where we can step in and provide pest control assistance. Removing mosquito habitats, such as standing water, can effectively limit the population levels of this insect. So can adding structural barriers that cover gaps where mosquitoes may be able to enter a home.

As the twilight begins to fade, the whining buzz of the mosquito tickles the ears. Slapping the skin as these insects bite is soon to follow.

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If your DIY methods aren’t helping, then here is a look at what our services will do to help remove this pest for good.

  • We will identify source points indoors and outdoors. Identifying all breeding locations of this insect is critically important to its removal.
  • We will remove adult insects. Our pest control methods help to eliminate the threat that adult mosquitoes bring to the home.
  • We will create proactive solutions. Mosquitoes will keep coming back all season long if pest control methods are reactionary only. We’ll help to remove the current pests and prevent new pests from bothering you.

Mosquitoes can carry diseases that are potentially life threatening. Around the world the largest threat is malaria, but the West Nile Virus is not something to be ignored either. Contact us today about your mosquito problem and we’ll help to create a pest control solution that is uniquely tailored to your home so that you can rely upon more than just a strong repellant to avoid being bitten.

Mosquito Pest Control For For Your Home and Business in Cape Town